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NEON insider

We're excited to launch our WEEKLY newsletter: NEONinsider

A weekly newsletter detailing our daily lives and going in depth into our experiences as NEONism!!

Subscribe to our free weekly newsletter written by each of us, for a look behind the curtain and to keep up with what we are doing next!!

Our first issue will cover how we all came up with our current NEON outfits, colours, and animals!

We will be sending each issue out ONCE only. Please subscribe before each Wednesday evening to receive it! Don't miss out!! Subscribe from our site :

We hope everyone is staying safe and we are all working hard to see you soon and to perform on stage!! Also thank you to everyone who showed up to hang out at our instalive Sunday night (and have already subscribed to NEONinsider!!) See you soon!! Also stay tuned for further announcements this week for more content...!!

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