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LOCKDOWN LIVE v2 : claustrophobia

Thank you for watching our first LOCKdownLIVE!! We had a lot of fun filming recording and editing the first one so we've decided to do a second one this month~ Let's party hard together from the safety of our homes! Watch from our YOUTUBE channel from 26.09.2021 4PM AEST!!! Have you subscribed? Help us hit 100 subs! We'll also be selling postal CHEKIs; SOLO and a set of 3 (TRI-SET) as a bundle!

Orders will close a few hours after the stream. Head to for more info!

PATRONS : We'll be doing an exclusive after show, also all patrons will receive a small digital gift for this event! Thank you for supporting us! We hope you are staying safe!! Sign up to our patreon here for rewards and and some behind-the-scenes:

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