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SPOOKY BOX - SPOOKY IDOL TAIBAN - SOLO FESTA spooky festival of Idol - Make the floor go wild, or

SPOOKY BOX - SPOOKY IDOL TAIBAN - SOLO FEST A spooky festival of Idol - Make the floor go wild, or serenade the audience with idol power in this SPOOKY BOX!! LINEUP TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON...

  • Jinx from SOUR CANDY

  • Mayhem (Faeble)

  • Noopnoodly

  • Wooly

  • Yumeka (Meteor Mirai)

Event Details :

  • 8th October 2023 4:00PM @ ESCAC by BRAND X - directions here : - catch the 389 bus from Town Hall for easy transport from City/ICC!

  • TICKETS - EARLYBIRD - $20 before of 1st of September 2023, AT DOOR ON THE DAY - $25

  • Doors Open 3:45PM AEST - please try not to be late as doors will close soon after the first performer begins!

  • Merchandise - Please check each group's own socials and online stores! MERCH SALES DURING SHOW

  • For Audience :

    • No physical contact, unless the artist has affirmatively said yes or asked you to.

    • Photography & Filming with large cameras only OK from certain areas of the venue during performances

    • Photography of artists by request only when loitering - audience must ask for consent.

    • Audience must not take photos of artists when they are in the Cheki line and with other attendees.

    • No loitering around ESCAC by BRAND X after the event concludes.

    • Please respect the privacy and personal space of each member

    • Mask wearing is recommended for the audience.

    • Be respectful and polite to artists!

    • Do not enter any staff or artists areas unless you have been directed to do so by 4QNQ staff.

    • Please respect the Artists performing – you are not to promote your own events and Artistry as an attendee to other attendees.

Media Rules - For Private / SNS use only, if Commercial or Education use (outside of performers) please email as soon as possible

  • Filming is OK! Please make sure you tag all artists involved !!

  • No photography, videography in front row seats, or front of audience area.

  • No tripods / Steadicams / other fixtures - all recording devices must be handheld

  • Do not use large attachments such as speedlites, piggyback cameras, etcetera

  • No photography or selfies in cheki lines and during merch sales - please be mindful that other guests are also waiting for their turn!! There are many performers as well!

  • Any media taken illegally will be reported to authorities. Please note we reserve the right to ask you to stop photography or videography if we have valid concerns over safety

Event hosted by 4QNQ. Contact for any enquiries into event details, feedback, or questions in regard to accessibility. If you are interested in performing at other events, please write to us at admin@4qnq.infoWe really appreciate any feedback positive or negative as we'd like to make sure you have a great time at our shows!


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