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We hope everyone had a merry and safe Christmas! Let us close off the year with this short live report!


Miu's Report!

Hairu everyone it’s Miu!! It’s my first-time meeting everyone through the LIVE REPORT but I’m happy to be able to talk to you all about our setlist from our 1st neONLIVE!!

I had a FUNTASTIC (hm?) time during the neONLIVE!! It was my first time performing both singing and dancing so I was a teeny bit nervous but I had so much fun - I can’t wait for the next live!! Stay tuned for more info on that!! :O

Below is the full setlist! Make sure to check it out!! Which ones were your favourites?

Hope everyone is staying safe and happy holidays!! See you soon!! (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡

- Miu @( ◕ x ◕ )@



2. Warotta People/NMB48

3. 極LOVE浄土/クマリデパート [GokuLOVEJoudo/Quamali Depart]

4. tameikinosekaiwairanai/DEAR KISS

5. Balalaika/Koharu Kusumi (Morning Musume

6. Neroizm/Kairiki Bear [ネロイズム\かいりきベア]

7. PEDRO/自律神経出張中 [jiritsushinkeishucchōchū] 8. Laundry/Maison Book Girl

9. Orchestra/BiSH [Arrange by NEONism]

10. Telephone/BiS

11. 全身全霊ラプソディ/神宿 [Zenshin Zenrei Rhapsody/Kamiyado]

12. モラトリアムアクアリウム/meme tokyo. [Moratorium Aquarium/meme tokyo.]

Didn't get to watch the live?

Watch the VOD here

Thanks for watching and follow us on instagram @_neonism or twitter @neonism_info for updates on future events!

We hope everyone has a happy new year and hopefully a much better 2021!!

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