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A message from NEONism 1st Generation

Thank you so much for everything! Up until today I didn’t know I was loved by so many people 💛 Thank you for all your support, all your cheers along the way. Thank you for giving me an audience to perform to! I will treasure this memory and I will miss everyone one of you. Thank you to our manager and staff, without you we will not be able to stand on the stage we are standing on right now, and wearing the outfits we wore. Neonism does not end here, please continue to support Yukari and Aya (my children!!) in the future as the future of Neonism shine bright in the right hands✨✨

Thank you to everyone who watched Cocona’s and my last show. It still doesn’t feel real and some part of me still thinks that I haven’t graduated yet. I’m glad people got to watch me perform as an idol just one last time! But it’s time to pack my mic and my outfits away. I hope you can still support us through watching Aya and Yukari’s new shows, and I’ll see you all again one day 💜

Thank you so much @cupidsvoice.mp3 for flying back from the moon to grace our stage again! From us all at NEONism, NEON is now and forever! Thank you for coming to watch us! We'll be back very soon!

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