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General House Rules :

  • Be respectful and polite to Performers and Staff

  • No physical contact unless consent is given, do not ask for physical contact 

  • No loitering around venue after the event concludes

  • No moshing and/or dangerous pit rituals

  • Respect the privacy and personal space of Idol and Staff

  • Do not enter any staff or artists areas

  • Feel free to use NEXUS events to start more community and scene wide cooperation! 

More media rules - see below


Media Rules

  • If media from universities, commercial or nfp organisations, please kindly email us at prior to the event so we can provide a media pass. Please contact 1 week from this event or we will automatically reject your application.

  • Filming is OK! Please make sure you tag all artists involved !!

  • No photography, videography in front row seats, or front of audience area.

  • No tripods / steadicams / other fixtures - all recording devices must be handheld

  • Do not use large attachments such as speedlites, piggyback cameras, etcetera

  • No photography or selfies in cheki lines and during merch sales - please be mindful that other guests are also waiting for their turn!! There are many performers as well!

  • Any media taken illegally will be reported to authorities. Please note we reserve the right to ask you to stop photography or videography if we have valid concerns over safety


Event hosted by 4QNQ. Contact (4qnq email is down) for any enquiries into event details, feedback, or questions in regard to accessibility. If you are interested in performing, please write to us at

We really appreciate any feedback positive or negative as we'd like to make sure you have a great time at our shows!


^Full value of presale goods that are specific to event will be refunded if purchased w/ ticket. Please note we cannot refund the monetary value of the purchase to people other than the original cardholder, unless there is an extraordinary circumstance where the cardholder's original account has been lost or there is another circumstance. Refunds will not be processed automatically unless

request is given to us. 

*As this is a private, ticketed event, we reserve the right to enforce health and safety guidelines above government mandates & regulations

*Fradulent vaccine proof or identifying documents will be reported to NSW Police without notifying you.

ʷAs a general rule, any fixture used for a camera must never exceed head height (tripods, steadicams, monopods, etcetera) when seated. You are allowed to hand hold your camera, with no attatchments to hotshoe or the tripod socket, or any other accessory rails at head height when taking photos or media, however please bear in mind the comfort of other attendees. You must not hold your camera above your head. Also please note we may ask you to stop shooting without a reason. The same rules apply to any other device that includes imaging devices (cameras), such as phones, tablets, camcorders. 

NEONism Audio Visual media, NEONism music, text copy, live guides, manuals, and other original text content must not be directly reproduced As per The Copyright Act 1968 (cth) & other relevant Australian IP laws.

Additional : 

Event cancellations
Should there be an event cancellation due to the pandemic or any other unforseen circumstances, we will automatically refund your ticket and cheki purchases.

Resale Policy

Please note that tickets & other merchandise must not be resold. Should you need to apply for a refund due to not being able to attend, please contact us at Should we find that tickets are being resold, such tickets will be cancelled and we may consider barring you from future events.

Deco cheki related to event in case of cancellation
Postage Deco Cheki purchased for this event will not be refunded automatically, however you may contact us at prior to the event should you wish for a refund. We will endeavour to take them and decorate them to our best ability. 

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